The NYC Jewelry Week Experience

We are so incredibly grateful for our time and experience during NYCJW 2022

A special thanks to SNAG, Heidi Lowe and Aaron Faber for asking us to be a part of such an incredible and inspiring event.  And of course we could not be more grateful to our wonderful event hosts, JB Jones and Bella Neyman.

Photos: Styrofoam Earrings at Aaron Faber and Heidi Lowe


What was J. Cotter Gallery Showcasing?

The Featherweight Earrings in bright colors and shapes, were showcased at two in-person shows during NYC Jewelry Week. 

Upcycle, Recycle, Repurpose by Aaron Faber Gallery hosted artists on Nov. 14 and showed how going green with jewelry can still keep things stylish by challenging artists to reuse, recycle or upcycle everyday objects to fine jewelry. 

The earrings also made an appearance at Heidi Lowe Earrings Galore, which is an annual juried exhibition with a rich and diverse array of earrings made by emerging and established studio jewelers. The pop-up exhibition hosted an in-person reception on Nov. 15 and Nov 18.

What are our impressions of NYCJW?

What an exciting and Inspiring experience we had this past week during the 5th annual New York City Jewelry Week!!!
We are bursting with ideas and could not be more excited to share our gratitude and enthusiasm to our partners in New York and our home town community.
Jim Cotter's “Featherweight” Earring collection was so well received by all and we could not be any more fulfilled. 

Photos: Jim Cotter with Petra Class and Helen Drutt


Why was a trip to NYC important for the J. Cotter Gallery?

Experiencing NYCJW for the first time was such a dream.  Next year we plan to bring our entire team and can not wait to see what Jim Cotter comes up with for next year's exhibitions.  

What is Cotter’s connection to NYC?

As a seasoned and important artist in the field of metals it was invaluable for Cotter to be in NY and reconnecting with old friends, peers, contemporaries.  Jim has made some really important pieces during his expansive career and we can't not wait to see what is next for him.  When you put all these artists together it's wild to hear their imaginations sky rocket, it was such an honor to witness and be a part of the Cotter team; having the opportunity to connect with the pioneers as well as their students and see how this craft has evolved. 

Photo: J.Cotter team (Jim Cotter, Ramsey Cotter and Anja Korosec) meeting with Jamie Bennett and Anat Shiftan


Plans for the future, next year?

Being in the energy of NYCJW has us feeling extra pumped about our purpose and platform.  We can not wait to develop our plans to rework our space and build the most magical and thrilling experience as we shepard in the new generations of wearable art collectors.  Our next stop is Munich this coming March.  Our roster is growing and so is our imagination.  We can not wait to keep you all up to date as we evolve our craft and find ways to continue to expand within our community on a local and national level. 

Photos: Instagram Story by @torixojewelry and @georginatrevino