The J. Cotter Gallery Remodel

New Year, New Space

Unveiling the New Gallery: A Labor of Love and Innovation 


The J. Cotter team has been buzzing with excitement as we've been diligently working to revamp our gallery space, and we are thrilled to share the progress with you.

Ramsey Cotter, the talented daughter of Jim Cotter, has poured her heart and soul into the remodel, describing it as a true love letter to her father's incredible body of work. The transformation is nothing short of spectacular, combining elements of raw beauty with a vibrant, contemporary touch.

Rotating Exhibitions 


Embarking on a new chapter, we're thrilled to introduce rotating exhibitions spotlighting Jim Cotter's extraordinary body of work.

Why rotating exhibitions? 


  1.  Highlighting Jim's Legacy:  While we celebrate new and thematic exhibitions, we want to emphasize that Jim Cotter's timeless and diverse works remain an integral part of our gallery. Don't see pieces from your favorite collection? Contact us for an appointment for a private showing. Additionally, in our vault you'll still find a treasure trove of his jewelry, which we are happy to pull out for you at your request! 
  2.  A Deeper Connection: By featuring rotating exhibitions, we create an immersive experience that allows you to connect more intimately with specific collections and themes. Each showcase becomes a curated journey, providing opportunities to highlight other incredible artists and insights into Jim Cotter's artistic evolution and the stories behind his masterpieces. 

What to Expect:


  1.  Focused Themes: Exhibitions focusing on specific themes, collections, and periods in Jim Cotter's illustrious career, offering a unique perspective on the artist's journey.
  2.  Interactive Experiences: Engage with the exhibitions through artist talks and special events. We want to make your visit not just a viewing but an interactive and enriching experience.

Introducing our first show . . . 50 Shades of Blue 


50 Shades of Blue delves into the metaphysical and spiritual qualities of the color blue in art jewelry. We explore the multifaceted meanings associated with blue gems across diverse cultures, tapping into the rich tapestry of symbolism that encapsulates communication, self-expression, creativity, purification, and personal empowerment. Should a particular gemstone connect with you, we invite you to make it uniquely yours by incorporating it into a custom J. Cotter piece. 

Thank you for being a part of the J. Cotter community. We can't wait to welcome you to our revamped gallery and share the beauty and stories behind Jim Cotter's extraordinary art jewelry.

Anna Jane McDonald