J. Cotter Gallery

The J. Cotter Gallery is an internationally recognized gallery of contemporary designer jewelry, featuring one-of-a-kind designs by leading artists from the United States and Europe.

Opening in 1970 with the premise that jewelry should be considered an art form, they have established a strong clientele who share their feeling that jewelry is a silent form of communication that speaks of the wearer’s individual taste.

Perhaps the most important element contributing to J. Cotter Gallery’s success over the years is the quality of designers whose work is on display. J. Cotter Gallery seeks jewelry that has a strong and mature presence, where the designers have developed their own vocabulary and the work is distinctive. Other important elements of the J. Cotter Gallery are the design skills they have cultivated over the years. Jim Cotter has been an active member in the International art community since opening in 1970, as well as an internationally known creator of unique jewelry and sculpture.

We welcome you to the J. Cotter Gallery whether you are a first time visitor or an old friend. We hope you will appreciate the service and individual attention Jim is able to offer along with the selection of jewelry by the leading jewelry artists working in the field today.

Please be sure to visit us in Vail, Colorado or contact us here.


Jim photographed in his Minturn Studio - 1980’s