Styrofoam Paintings

As an inquisitive artisan, the ultimate goal is to dream of useful objects that transcend time. Within this permanent material, there are multiple uses. The styrofoam pieces are designed to be worn as art jewelry and adapt to the shape of the wearer. The material of the art piece remains unchanged, however the composition is designed to be rearranged. The striations and texture are still very much visible to keep the material obvious to the viewer. By keeping the integrity of the material, the viewer is confronted with the impact of the materials destruction.

The “Untitled Compositions in Red & Yellow” wall sculptures and brooches series are made from expanded polystyrene. They are painted with red, yellow, green, blue, and black acrylic paint. The intent of using this material developed from the idea that expanded polystyrene degrades at a rate of 500 years. As the material is single use and becomes ubiquitous in the environment, there becomes a need to convert the waste into an object of art. Styrofoam is a fascinating material that disguises its allure. Modified, it can become a piece of art that lasts for generations.