Return to Sender

Cotter, like all of us, had a real opportunity to observe the monumental shift happening around the way we consume and the testament that this has had in our collective value system… Inspired by the pause that gave us this opportunity to become aware of this shift, Cotter was motivated to create "Return to Sender".

Cotter found himself intrigued during the pandemic, witnessing the way people's values were being forced so easily to change… there was, for him, a nagging sense surrounding the importance of values. Everybody was ordering online, people’s value’s had changed. You could go online and find anything you wanted at cheaper prices, and better deals.
But at what cost…?

Styrofoam’s decomposition cycle takes over 500 years to completely break down, and if it will stay here after we are gone, why not make art out of it? By transforming styrofoam into art, Cotter brings awareness to the harm it causes.