Virtual Exhibition "METAL + ? ="

We are happy to announce that Cotter’s “Concrete Ring, No. 5” was selected for an Virtual Exhibition "METAL + ? =" by Splop Design. "Metal + ? =" is a juried virtual exhibition showcasing metal as it mingles with other materials.


“Concrete Ring, No. 5” was selected for an Virtual Exhibition "METAL + ? =" by Splop Design.

“Metal + ? =” is an exhibition featuring a range of artists who incorporate metal into their work. Metal can have both structural and aesthetic purposes ranging from its strength and springiness, to its shiny and textured surfaces. How do these attributes of metal change when interacting with the piece digitally? These artists utilize and showcase these features and how they mingle with other materials.” 




“Concrete Ring, No. 5” was selected for an Virtual Exhibition "METAL + ? =".


“Jim’s work consists of creating from a variety of materials not normally associated with jewelry such as steel, concrete, rocks and sought after everyday objects. By combining non-precious materials with precious materials, used to create intimate jewelry and art objects, Jim seeks to challenge notions and assumptions of how jewelry is perceived and what jewelry can be. Just as one does not buy a painting because of the number of tubes of paint on the canvas, Cotter believes jewelry is not merely the sum of its intrinsic materials. The design and idea embodied in a piece of jewelry captures the energy and makes the statement, not the costly materials it is made from. He enjoys the idea of combining different materials to assert that jewelry doesn’t have to be precious metal or gemstones and can survive outside the common perceptions of what properly constitutes jewelry.

Born out of man made concrete, this piece, ‘Concrete Ring, No.5’ pushes the boundaries of industrial material use. Jim likes the contrast of precious and industrial materials. Gold + Concrete = Art Jewelry.”


Concrete Ring, No. 5., by Cotter

Concrete Ring, No. 5. 2001, concrete, 14KY, 1.5” x 1.25” x 1.5”.

Concrete Ring, No. 5., by Cotter