Can you find the golden mask ring? How about a V for Vail? We took a page right out of the I Spy picture riddle book series.

Introduced in 1992, the I Spy book series was either read by you or your children. All of the images in the I Spy books had very little editing done to them after they were shot. They were all shot with real objects in a photo studio. The photographer, Walter Wick, started the I Spy books with a simple image of leftover nuts and bolts he found while cleaning out his studio.

Original I Spy image by Walter Wick

Original I Spy image by Walter Wick


Since we have a studio full of playful objects, we decided to have our own fun with objects lying around the studio. We also snuck in one-of-a-kind pieces by Jim Cotter. Can you find them all?

I Spy two diamond rings, a golden mask,

a pair of dangly earrings, a V for Vail, and RELAX



Take a look at the behind the scenes, and we hope you had a fun time playing :)