Get 'em while they’re hot.

Icebergs are technically pieces of ice that formed on land and float in an ocean or lake. Icebergs come in all shapes and sizes, from ice-cube sized chunks to ice islands the size of a small country.

New Iceberg Series available online and in the gallery!

Photo: Jordan Spencer

Sloping… is one of six types of icebergs. Cotter made only six of these in this particular series. Coincidence? Besides a variety of shapes and sizes, icebergs sometimes appear with unusual coloring.

Diamond + Amethyst Pave Iceberg Ring

The lifespan of an iceberg from the first drop of snow on a glacier all the way to melting is roughly 3000 years.  If cared for properly, these earrings could last longer.

14ky & Diamond Pave Iceberg Earrings